Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Hi It's been a while since i blogged. Let's see whats been going on.... We had our first bonfire of the summer on June 14. Fun times were had by all. It lasted until 4 a.m. and I had 10 kids (2 are mine) and Amy and Joe who all spent the night. The McNeely's showed back up at 9 a.m. with breakfast food! Yummy! We all hung out until about noon and everyone left. So the Van Hammonds had family nap time. The week following started with Ellie getting sick with Hand foot mouth disease. By Wednesday Taylor had some sort of stomach bug. She finally started feeling better by Sunday. She was bummed that she missed soccer. During all this mom and dad have been working non stop. So on Saturday when I had to work 2-10 I got sick and had to come home. (sick of being at work) I came home and Amy and Joe had us over for another fire. The girls slept over and tom and I got to sleep in. On Sunday I got the girls and came home and this little thing called Karma got the best of me. Yes I got that stomach bug that Taylor had earlier in the week. (I guess i shouldn't fake being sick!) So we didn't go to the Pool on Sunday like I said we would. Monday after work we went to the pool and had to leave early because someone pooped in the pool. The kids thought that was totally gross and funny. This weekend I think we are going to lay low and save our energy for the up coming weekend of the fourth. So if you need us we will be around this weekend. (I will more than likely be at my home away from home WORK!!!) Hope you all have a wonderful lazy weekend. N:)

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Roxanne Schwandt said...

Nice to see you back on the blog!! We also have a weekend "off" from the hustle and bustle, ready to rest for the 4th! That is so much like Karma to come back and kick ya in the rear after faking sickness to actually BE SICK! I hope you all are feeling better now, so you can have a restful weekend :)