Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random Babble

Wow- I really think we need some more rain...J/K. So summer vacation has started and already I hear how bored Taylor is. So tonight she is sleeping over at her friend Maggie Reagan's. Would someone tell me where the time has gone? I can hardly believe that she is almost 9 years old. Sleeping over at friends houses. It is just to much sometimes. Ellie is 4. She is such a free loving spirit I think everyone should get an Ellie. I tell you it feels like I just had these girls yesterday. Today I went to my sisters house and saw Violet,( did i mention that i was there when she was born and cut the cord.) She is getting so big almost 4 months. She is rolling all around and smiling like nobodies business. Emlyn she was sleeping so I didn't get to see her but she is getting so big also. My godson Ben he is 2 and he finally isn't scared of me. Which makes me feel a little bit better about myself. Steph, Josh and Ben have just bought a new house which is very exciting for them and my kids. (they think that they will be sleeping over all the time.) I sometimes forget how lucky I am until I think of all the kids in my life and i know that i am. Another time I will let you know about all my friends kids and how great they all are. try to stay dry...:) N

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