Saturday, July 12, 2008

We made it...

So yes we made it through the weekend and the week. it was a very long weekend to say. Thursday golf was more fun than I thought it would be. I totally forget on how fun all the people are that golf in this group. the teams are picked randomly and of course Tom and i were picked first so that means we tee off first. i was so nervous i am sweating. So i go to hit my ball and miss so I told everyone to turn around and than i hit it. finally by the last hole and a few beers I think this isn't so bad. It was a best ball scramble. So we all tee off and it was my ball we used then we hit again and my ball lands on the green. Woo Hoo so i went up and putt it in for the birdie. i jump up and down (almost peed I was so happy). We went and got something to eat and went over to Sean and Krissy Ely's for a fire. You know I always thought at my house by a fire you lose track of time but it happened there too. So at about 3:30 we made it home....

On Friday morning I receive a call from Amy @ 8 a.m. (mind you I just went to bed about 4hrs. earlier) she said that Taylor has something wrong with her eye. So i rush over there only to find there are people over there tearing down her garage and i look like dog. We put some drops into her eye which seem to work wonders. Next Amy tells me the kids want to go see Zac (Amy's nephew) do his karate at the park. So we all hope in the mini van and head on over to see Zac. At this point I am starting to sweat and want to go home. So we drag the kids away and I go home to make potato salad for the party at the Schafer's. Schafer's was fun like always. We finally got home around 1 a.m. Did I tell you I am really tired at this point?

Saturday morning we got up and got ready to go to Waupaca and the sleep over at Grandma and Grandpa's house. We went to my aunt and uncle's cottage on the Crystal river for the afternoon. It was really a nice time. We got to see Jessica Ryan Alaina and baby CJ. They recently had moved to West Virginia. we met up with Grandpa in Waupaca and dropped the girls off. So Tom and i got ready for the wig party. Tom wore Ellie's Hannah Montana wig and I wore my purple and black witch wig. No I don't have any pictures because I forgot my camera. Sorry... We were at the wig party all night. we played Bingo for money and I won!! It was so much fun. I think we got home at 3a.m. Fun Fun!!

So Sunday we got up at 9 and got the girls. came home and ended up watching Max so Amy Joe and Maci could go to the Timber Rattlers game. Did not do anything but stuff around the house.

So needless to say I hung my liver out to dry.

Nothing happened this week Soccer got canceled again.. But I will blog later about this weekend and Our Brewer trip...Later N :)

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Roxanne Schwandt said...

Rock on Nichole at your excellent golf SKILLS! Show 'em all up! :)